Capturing moments

I don’t pretend to have something of great value to say here. I’m not all that original or interesting, to be honest. I’m just looking for a way to capture some moments from my life. Projects I’m working on, new skills I’m developing, and bits and pieces of my beautiful days. I want to intentionally focus on the lovely things in life, and I think blogging will help me to do that. I hope I’ll find myself laughing more and losing my temper less, pulling out the camera for “nothing special,” and just noticing things in a fresh way, whether those thoughts make it into this record or not.

I welcome your comments! It’s so motivating to know that others are “watching” what’s being said and done here. It feels a tiny bit like having company drop by, but without the frantic kicking small toys under the couch and making sure the potty seat is off of the toilet. I do hope you’ll join me here often and help me learn to keep my eyes on lovely.


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