January Recap

The beginning of January found us back in Kansas, visiting with friends and family there and baptizing our sweet little Monkey-man! We had a wonderful time seeing some of the people who are dearest to us in the whole world, and introducing them to our son. It was so hard to only have a few short days to catch up, especially not knowing when we’ll be back. It’s a tough thing to live in one place when your heart is spending time in two. The highlight of the trip was our son’s baptism! This photo is from just before church that morning. Doesn’t he look so serious here, like he’s contemplating the meaning of it all?

Baptism romper
Monkey man in his baptism romper just before church. I embroidered a triquetra on the shoulder.

Pulling into Wichita the first evening, our van started smoking. We had just spent thousands of dollars fixing some issues for the trip, so that was a quite-less-than-happy moment. A friend of a friend came to look at it, diagnosed it as something that we could fix once we got home, and we were able to travel without further incident. However, it couldn’t have been just what he thought, because a couple of days after we got home, it would no longer start. *sigh* Starting the New Year with car trouble is not a pleasant thing.

Just a week later, my husband had a couple of middle of the night trips to the ER for extreme pain. After a few days of trying to figure things out, he had his gallbladder removed in emergency laparoscopic surgery. (Cholecystectomy is a really cool word, by the way.)  Also not my ideal way to start a New Year! No pics from that time, except for one the doc gave me from inside during the surgery, and I’ll spare you that one even if I think it is super cool! He’s still having some issues from all of this, and his physically demanding job makes it all worse, so I appreciate your prayers for him.
All of this really upset our schedule, and our girls have had a very hard time adjusting. They haven’t slept through the night since coming back from our trip. I think it’s really odd that the only one in our family who is regularly sleeping through the night isn’t even 4 months old yet!  What comes after exhausted? I’m not sure what the word is, but we are totally there.  Of course, small children’s behavior is also deeply affected by a major lack of sleep, so things are a bit chaotic here. I’m trying to pull it all back in line, but it is hard to be my best version of Mama when it takes so much effort just to keep my eyes open. I pray every day that I will be faithful in my duties, wise in my decisions, and loving in my words and actions.
We went to the Stock Show twice, which is always a super fun thing. There will be a couple of posts about that with LOTS of pictures. It was a good chance for us to get out of the house so that my husband could rest, and we all had a good time! Also celebrated my dear sister’s birthday. My Mom went to the Stock Show the day that my sister was born, and has always referred to her as her “Stock Show Baby,” so it’s an especially fun thing to do together. I love being close enough to family to do things like birthdays together! I never thought that would happen.
The end of January, I made an attempt to get back into our schedule, including school. It wasn’t very successful, but we squeezed a few school days in. Oh – and I started this blog! Because what I really need is one more way to spend my time.
Oh, sorry. I broke into a bit of maniacal laughter just then. I’m back now.
I like to consider myself an optimistic realist. I try to look at the bright side, but not in a completely unrealistic way. This was an incredibly hard month. One of the hardest I’ve ever had. The way I look at it, we’ve gotten the worst of the year out of the way up front, and the rest should be really good to balance it out. Tell me I’m right, okay? Lie if you have to!

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