Valentine’s Nails – Half Slant Hearts

This is one of my favorite designs ever, and it was so simple! Just two colors, some tape and a dotting tool.

I haven’t typically kept track of exactly which polishes I use. I’ve always felt that the point is the design, and that it can often be accomplished with similar shades. I’m not usually interested in exactly duplicating most designs, nor in having mine exactly duplicated. Not that I have a problem with it – if you love one, go right ahead, and I hope you enjoy it! (If you blog it, I’d appreciate a link to the post here.) But I love the creativity that I see when someone is inspired by something they see rather than copying it. And I hate that someone might feel that a certain design was impossible if they couldn’t get the exact products.

But I’m starting to see the other side of things. I’ll try to list the products that I use from this point on, though I doubt I’ll be 100% faithful to do so. Since this one was done, photographed and replaced before I blogged it, I can’t give you the products, but I’ll give you a quick rundown of the process.

I started with two coats of silver on the whole nail. Then I applied tape in a slant to cover the bottom section that I wanted to remain silver. I painted a deep red on the section that was left uncovered, and removed the tape. I was surprised at how nice the red looked over the silver. It seemed to really help give it some dimension and while it did brighten the color some, I loved the final result! Finally, I used a dotting tool to add three silver dots in the red section and a red heart in the silver section. I saw it in my head before I started, but it looked even better than I imagined! Since it’s easy to make your own dotting tool out of household items, this is a great introduction to nail art that uses very little in the way of specialized supplies or techniques.

I’d love to try this with other themes and colors. I think it would look fabulous in green with shamrocks for St. Patrick’s day, or in purple with a Konad stamp in the corner.


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