Stock Show part 2

Pony rides again, of course! This time with Grammie!

Pony ride with Grammie

I’m quite sure this is not the shot that anyone intended to get, but I absolutely love it!

A return to the carousel. They each wanted to try out different animals.

Another of my favorites from this day. I like the composition and love the colors!

Speaking of colors, check these out!

I’ve tried for the last year to get the girls on a kids’ roller coaster at every opportunity. Granted, that’s not many! I just knew they would love it, but Bunny was too small and Cricket would get right up to the front of the line, then get scared and bail. This time, without me saying a word, they both wanted to ride the dragon. The first time we were there, we didn’t have enough adults available to ride with them. On our second trip, my brother-in-law went with Cricket. It took her a bit of time to warm up to the ride, but she really did like it. I’m sure you can see from Bunny’s face how she felt about it! I could not stop laughing. Every time it dropped or sped up, she would scream with delight, then giggle until she was out of breath, then repeat it all the next time! I’m looking forward to the State Fair this fall to do it again!




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