New Fun in Nail Art!

I’ve wanted some Konad stamping tools for quite some time. The idea of being able to put intricate designs on my nails in my choice of color is super fun!  I like to do nail art by hand, but I rarely have the time, so the speed of this method is very appealing! Plus, I have two little girlies, one of whom begs for “pretty nails” at least a few times a week, so I knew that this kind of thing would get quite the workout around here.

I finally got a stamper, some special polish, and a couple of image plates for a late Christmas present! Woohoo! I’ll write more about it later, but thought I’d show a couple of quick shots of my first manicure with the Konad stamper and image plates. 

I first painted my nails in a sparkly ice blue, then stamped a single white snowflake with the Konad special polish. I can see that there’s a bit of a learning curve, and they weren’t quite as perfect as I’d hoped, but I still liked them. Still, I thought they might look better with a tad more dimension, so I added some darker blue snowflakes on top with a random polish that I had lying around. Definite improvement!

Snowflake manicure

My stamping got better as I got used to handling the tools and more familiar with the steps in the process. I didn’t get a very good photo of this one. I found it hard to balance getting enough light for the detail to show up without it shining too brightly off of the glittery polish. And I think it is quite clear that I have no future as a hand model!

Snowflake manicure

Overall, I was very impressed with the level of detail available in the plates, and I’m looking forward to trying more designs with these fun products!

And I think snowflakes are so pretty, don’t you?


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