A growing Mr. Monkey

All of my good intentions to post regularly have disappeared in my daily task of keeping Mr. Monkey out of trouble, so I’m playing catch up when I can. He started crawling about a month ago, and is now adept at sitting up, crawling, and even learning to pull up on things! He’s tall, so that means that every level surface in the main room – fireplace, coffee table, couches, etc. are now accessible to him. Yowzers! I know I’ve done this twice before and all, but this whole becoming a toddler stage still kicks my rear. He’s actually my latest to do these things. Both girls were cruising by 7 months! But this time, I’ve got a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old with lots of toys that a baby shouldn’t have. Makes for an active day for me!

Here’s some pics. I have a couple at the beginning of this sequence, but I don’t really want to post them, because the background has Bunny in a somewhat rare moment of pantslessness, and it’s just not fair to put that on the internet forever, even if she’s only 3 now!

His ultimate destination with all of this crawling: MAMA!

A better picture of his two teeth:

Can I admit that I am thrilled that he still has blue eyes? They are dark blue, but definitely blue. Most of my family has quite dark hair and dark eyes. Mine are hazely-green-brown, and I like them just fine, but I always thought it would be nice to have a blue-eyed child. I just assumed with our coloring that it was highly unlikely. Bunny’s were blue to about 6 months, but re a rich, dark brown now. I hope Mr. Monkey’s stay this color! His hair is lovely, too. It’s actually quite golden, but it’s hard for that to show up in pictures. I assume it will darken with time, since nearly everyone in my family and my husband’s family who has had lighter hair as a baby has seen it darken considerably over the years. It’s so fun to watch children grow and change!


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