New Baby Door Hanger

My sister recently had a sweet, beautiful baby girl! She works at the hospital where she delivered, and their gift shop sells cute mums for hanging on the doors of hospital rooms to announce the new arrivals – think homecoming mums if you’re from a place with that tradition. When our little Mr. Monkey was born, she made one for me, and I loved it! We hung it on our home door and got a lot of compliments from people coming to bring meals or meet the new baby. I wanted to make her one, too.

Here’s the problem: Mr. Monkey was born in October – prime time for mums. My darling little niece was born in April. No mums to be found. No problem! I had an idea. My sister is possibly the biggest Snoopy fan ever, and her nursery is full of adorable baby Snoopy things. I have a Silhouette machine, and I love all of the amazing things it can do. Here’s what I came up with:

A close up of the top:

Yes, those black dots in the scallops are rhinestones. Even the smallest girl can use a little bling in her life! At home, she can hang it on a wall, behind a door or in a closet, and clip hair bows to the ribbons for an easy storage idea.

Until my sister brought me the mum for Mr. Monkey, I’d never heard of this idea. I think it is a really cute one, and I think I might try something similar to welcome other new babies.


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