Baby Boy Thank Yous, part 4

Here it is – the final post in my short series of Baby Boy Thank You cards! (You can start here to see the others.) I said this at the beginning, but it bears repeating: Most of these cards could easily be adapted. A different color scheme, a different sentiment, and they’d be perfect for other occasions.

When I started making these, I wanted fairly simple, quick cards. After all, I had quite a few to make! I liked some, and didn’t love some, but these three are my favorites. I made several of each, and I will use these designs in the future for other things, though with a few changes and tweaks here and there.


I love blue and brown together. My Beloved says that combination, in just about any shades, is “girly,” and won’t let me have those colors in our bedroom, so I live vicariously through my crafting.¬† I wasn’t sure how well the combination of a hand print stamp and this sentiment would work out. I’d already cut out the oval with my Silhouette, and I don’t have a stamp positioner, so it was a lot of guessing and hoping. I like the double ribbon a lot! The top patterned ribbon adds some interest, but it was too thin and weak looking on its own. I like the amount of white space on this one, too. Nice and clean!


Not really a boy card, is it? But that’s okay. I didn’t intend for all of the cards to feel masculine. This one is a nice, basic thank you that works well for a female recipient. I love the blue background. It has a subtle, white swirl stitching pattern on it. Interesting without being too busy. The sentiment really stands out due to the darker color and white mat behind it, and the ribbon is the perfect embellishment to finish things off!
And here it is, my favorite card out of the dozen I’ve shown¬† you in this series…


What can I say? I love this card. Really, really love it. The shapes and sentiment are all so super simple. Just squares and rectangles. The interest all comes from the layering and the patterns. I like the weathered, distressed look on the edge of the sentiment. I just pressed it against a stamp pad that was starting to run out of ink. I inked all of the edges of the rectangles, which takes a bit of time, but it’s easy and the effect is absolutely worth it. Without that, this card would be flat and lifeless. I think this might become a go-to sketch for me. It would be so lovely in almost any pattern collection, and I can do it all with just a cutter, one stamp, and one ink pad. That’s pretty hard to beat!
Which is your favorite? How long did it take you to get thank you cards out after a baby? I’m ashamed to admit how long it takes me. Every time, I have sworn it would be better, and every time it has not been. Granted, we’ve had an unrelated major crisis after each baby, but that’s really no excuse. Maybe next time, if there is one, I’ll finally get it done in a timely manner!




Baby Boy Thank Yous, part 3

A few more of the Baby Boy Thank you cards that I made after Monkey was born. You can find the previous posts starting here.

I wanted to make a variety of styles. It’s always fun to try things out, though I might try to streamline things and make several of just a few cards the next time that I need to make a bunch in a short amount of time.


I love this fun argyle print, the bit of shine on the tag, and the little seed bead accents, but I think that the inking of edges makes the biggest difference in this card.


Very simple. Very clean. I am a sucker for a onesie and a tie!


This dot paper was one of my favorite prints from this project, so I enjoyed showcasing it here. I also like the repetition of the square elements, and the two-tone inked edges of the sentiment square.


In my next post, I’ll share my 3 favorites of the baby boy thank you cards that I made! It was hard to pick. I don’t love every card that I made, but there are at least 2 that narrowly missed the cutoff. I hope you’re enjoying these and have been inspired. Please share with me your thoughts on these! I want to grow as a crafter, and I’d love to know your opinions and ideas!


COMPLETELY BESIDE THE POINT: I said once that I’d keep track of all of the words and phrases that this blog spell check does not recognize. I haven’t always done that, but here are today’s: crafter, onesie.